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A final gift for your loved ones



Pre-plan your funeral or cremation service, so your loved ones won’t have to do it for you.

Anyone who has planned a funeral or cremation service knows firsthand how difficult it can be. What would the loved one have wanted? Burial or cremation? A traditional service or a memorial with photos? These and many other questions weigh on those who are left to make the choices... all while they are struggling with their grief.

Why should I make my funeral arrangements early?

Making funeral arrangements isn’t something you like to think about, but choosing to pre-plan your own funeral eliminates the need for your family and loved ones arranging a funeral for you. It can also ease financial and emotional burdens – ensuring everything is just the way you would have wanted it.

How will I benefit from making funeral arrangements with Preston-Hanley? 

Preston-Hanley Funeral Homes has been helping clients for more than 80 years with funeral planning and pre-arrangements. Because of this, we are experts in making the process as simple and convenient for you as possible. Here’s the benefits we’ll deliver when you choose to pre-plan with us:

How to arrange a funeral with Preston-Hanley

As a full-service funeral home, Preston-Hanley makes pre-arrangements a smooth process. With the help of one of our experienced funeral directors, every step of your funeral arrangements can be discussed and planned ahead of time so nothing is left to question. No memorial or service is exactly the same, because no individual is the same. We’ll help you plan a service that is as unique as you are. Plus, you receive a written guarantee that all of the arrangements will be exactly as planned.

Who do I call to start pre-arrangements?

Contact us today or call (309) 346-2176 to talk with our trusted, licensed funeral directors and discuss how we can help you pre-arrange your funeral.